Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 4:20 Day Reprise

There's still time to get a few more checked off:

4:20 Check List

1) Jam Bob Marley via alarm clock; continue great tunes ad infinitum
2) Lay in grass and stare at clouds.
3) Visit with good friends; play frisbee
4) Ingest Ganja Treats
5) Have copious amounts of sex (alone or with partner(s))
6) Ride a bicycle, scooter or skateboard
7) Remember good times of old
8) Eat a great meal out
9) Watch a movie
10) Play a musical instrument (or sing aloud)

When you feel like learning, check out this feature film from 2008. It's about the history of Marijuana in the USA.

Happy 4:20 from the Coventry Crew!

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