Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Last Rewind

This is the latest creative endeavor is from Ben Whitesell to commemorate the Cincinnati show on this summer tour.

Click here to buy a print, poster, or framed artwork.

By the way, DiggDugg will be selling a few prints/posters in the Cincy lot this weekend.


dwblogs said...

I will have a handful of these on lot in Cincy, if anyone's interested.

Doug (@digg_dugg)

Phishentine said...

Can you change the lyrics from Sparkle to something else, more better?! I'd buy it in a heartbeat if so. Instead, the lyrics have me saying 'no thanks'.

dwblogs said...

the lyrics are from mound, if that sways you in any direction. Won't have time to make any changes before the show Sunday. We'll have more posters for other shows, maybe one of those will suit you. Thanks for the feedback though.

Phishentine said...

Yep...MY BAD! Sorry...too early and no coffee makes Phishentine as sharp as a marble. ;)

Here's a rec...I'd love to purchase one of these in either the Frame or you have any that are not specific to a show...maybe an old school date from the late 80's, and then instead of lyrics, maybe reading at the top: Phish or The Phish, and at the bottom: From Vermont.

Curious how customized you get, or have gotten?


Thanks so much.

dwblogs said...

I forwarded your questions to Ben Whitesell, the artist. He might be able to work something out for ya. I'm just the Flavor Flav to his Chuck D.

Phishentine said...

Hah! Go figure...we got the Mound...4th since 1996 I believe? What a performance in Cinci...these guys are en fuego.