Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jam Cruise 10 Recap: Day 3 - Beach Party, Pet Meetup, Go Green!

I woke on Day 3 and we were docked at a private island in Labadee, Haiti. The weather was perfect for a beach party. We gathered up our pet monkey Rosario and headed off the boat to the perfect Jam Cruise beach party. The beach was clean and beautiful. Jam Cruise 10 had it all to ourselves. Zach Deputy and Toubab Crew played sets near the beach on a short stage while Jam Cruisers laid in the sun, danced, and practiced yoga. Out of all the stops we have done on Jam Cruise 8, 9 and 10, Labadee was by far my favorite.

Back on board the boat I enjoyed a high energy Ozomatli set that ended with a parade through the crowd on the pool deck. Immediately after the Ozomatli set Gypsy and I brought Rosario to the Jam Cruise Pet Meet up. Jam Cruise has some creative, quirky people on board and it certainly was apparent during the pet meet up. We seem to have lots of stuffed animals and inflatable toys we give a personality to. The Pet Meet-Up was the first time the freaks got all the pets in one place.

Next up was a set of 80’s covers by the Omega Moos, made up of Umphrey's McGee members Brendan Bayliss and Ryan Stasik with The New Deal members Darren Shearer and Jamie Shields. They ran through untzy covers of Whip It, Take On Me, She Blinded Me With Science, Rebel Yell and my personal favorite Maneater. I danced and ironically pointed at my beautiful roommate Gypsy as she certainly is a Maneater.

I took another break in the restaurant and put on my lizard outfit for Go Green night. I caught 7 Walkers and guests perform a fantastic Eyes of the World  before I decided to ditch the costume and get a front row spot for Dr. Klaw in the Zebra lounge. Dr. Klaw is an all-star funk band and it was my favorite set of funk on the boat – and that’s saying a lot. I danced so hard to Dr. Klaw I sweated through my t-shirt.

Late night ended with acoustic sets on the pool deck by brock butler and songs in “the spot” on Deck 7 starboard by Nathan Moore and Brad Barr. The acoustic sets are unannounced but I find them to be the most special of all the music on jam cruise. Some like to end the night in the Disco or Jam Room; I have found that I prefer to come down to some delicate acoustic guitar and meaningful lyrics.

Stay tuned for the Day 4/5 recap where your hero plays through and parties to the finish line.


Ziggy Stardust said...

You seriously named your pet monkey Rosario? Did you know that that's Nichole's new last name?

the joker said...

this is Rosario's second jam cruise. Gypsy (Lizzy) named just Rosario's uncle :-)

BTreotch said...

good stuff

this is becomimg like clockwork.. every year you goto jamcruise and every year I'm 'man, i want to go on jamcruise'