Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tomorrow Never Knows, Mad Men, and $250,000

I'm an avid fan of Mad Men. My girlfriend turned me onto the AMC show because she works in the entertainment industry and knows one of the actors (way before the show took off). Anyway, if you don't know anything about Mad Men -- it's about the hard-boozing, uber-competitve advertising world, but set in the 1960s. This season has had a couple of interesting twists including one of the characters smoking weed backstage at a Rolling Stones concert, another character taking LSD for the first time (check out my take on that... Roger in the Sky with Diamonds), and then there's the most recent episode which featured the Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows, a psychedelic-anchored song with lots of sitars, which was the last track off of Revolver (released in the summer of 1966).

Many of the showbiz rags were going apeshit this week about the historic significance of using a Beatles song in a TV show -- 1) it had never been done before, and 2) the price tag was somewhere around $250,000. Yep, somewhere Yoko Ono just got a fat check from AMC.

Anyway, thanks to OpenCulture, I stumbled across this short video about the recording of Tomorrow Never Knows featuring producer George Martin and Sir Paul McCartney (aka Billy Shears)...

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