Dope Stories: Ep. 4 - CRACK 101

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We added our fourth episode on Thursday. This is the episode that everyone is talking about. Mainly because it's about crack. Yeah, crack. Shane reveals some startling, yet in depth details in his love/hate relationship with crack.

The show started out normal. Sort of. Shane bought a $20 scratch off ticket before we recorded the show in our studio, which actually also doubles as my office. Anyway, the first main segment of the show is about my chronic insomnia and what I do to help fight it (I avoid sleeping pills, but self-medicate instead using indicas and concentrates). The show took a quick turn into a full-blown discussion of crack cocaine. Consider this an introductory course into the crack world with Shane as your professor. He shares his experiences with the crack scene in NYC and touches on numerous crack-related topics like heightened paranoia and pipes. Along the way, I also grilled him about cooking crack and other curious aspects of the freebase realm. The last segment of the show is dedicated to George Clinton. We talked briefly about Funkadelic's origins and my theory on why George Clinton is an alien.

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