Introducing... The Dope Stories Podcast

Hey kids. I'm Pauly. You might remember me from such podcasts as Coventry's Wook Patrol, Unolker's type II cast, Tao of Pokerati, and Everything Is Bettable.

Well... I'm co-hosting a new podcast called Dope Stories.

My pal Shaniac (poker pro from NYC who lives in LA) approached me at the end of last summer. He had envisioned a new podcast idea, which came to him after a psychedelic adventure (for more info, read Shaniac's take on it.... Dope Stories... I Got A Few). At the same time Shaniac had this epic "moment of clarity", I was on Phish tour and engaging in my own mind-bending adventures. He said I was the perfect person to help him bring his vision to a reality. A podcast about drugs? Sign me up! I jumped on board. Shane tapped his pal DJ Trent to help us produce the podcast. Several months later... it's here.

We launched Dope Stories on Bob Marley's Birthday to commemorate our first episode.

Twitter: @DopeStories
Sound Cloud:

Our tagline for Dope Stories is... "a rational discussion about drugs and drug use." Dope Stories will be weekly podcast (new episodes every Thursday). Along the way, I'll tell a few stories about the craziness of being on the road and following the Grateful Dead and Phish.

The first episode features a segment on the origins of the Chemdawg strain, which has something to do with Dead summer tour in 1991.

If I had to construct a "setlist" for the first episode of Dope Stories, it might look something like this:

Listen to the first episode of Dope Stories here...

Here is the direct download link (right-click save-as).

** FYI... iTunes coming soon. Give us another week to get all that sorted out. In the meantime, we're on both Soundcloud and Libsyn.

Bookmark our website: and follow us on Twitter @DopeStories.

Stay tuned for a special episode about Philip Seymour Hoffman that will be available early next week, plus we'll also post our third episode next Thursday with subsequent episodes to follow every Thursday.


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