Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dope Stories: Ep. 3 - Start Up Dot Weed and L.A. Cannabis Cup

The Dope Stories Podcast is roughly ten days old. We launched last Thursday and posted three episodes since then.

Are you a member of the iPhone cult? If so... pay close attention. You can subscribe to Dope Stories using your iPhone's podcast app... 1) click on the link to our RSS feed [], then 2) click on the "subscribe" button when prompted.

Okay... so about this new podcast about drugs hosted by myself and my poker buddy Shane.... Dope Stories episodes are 45-50 mins long. I made a "setlist" to give you a general idea about what we discussed each show. The most recent episode is titled Start Up Dot Weed: The 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup and our friend DJ Trent was our first-ever guest.

Here is the setlist for ep #3...

Listen here:

FYI.. this is a direct download link for Ep 3 (right-click, save-as).

Some important info...

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Instagram: @DopeStoriesPod  
iTunes: STAY TUNED... waiting on verification; give us one more week.

You can subscribe to us using your iPhone's podcast app. Just click on the link to our RSS feed [] and click on the "subscribe" button when prompted.

Listen to previous shows....

Episode 1: Down and Out in NYC
Episode 2: The Uncool: Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heroin Chic

For some behind the scenes information about specific shows and a more detailed description, check out something I wrote... Inside Dope: Dope Stories Ep 002 and Inside Dope: Dope Stories Ep 003.

Thanks for following along.


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