Friday, July 15, 2016

Phish Gorge Setlist: 7/15/16 George, WA - Friday

West Coast Phish! Phish kicked off the first of two shows at the majestic Gorge. I'm a lucky guy... and I've never missed a Gorge show. Picking this opportunity to officially jump onto tour.

Both Gorge shows will be webcast on LivePhish.

For schwilly updates visit @CoventryMusic on Twitter. For pics/memes follow @CoventryMusic on Instagram. Perhaps our Japhan pal Yas will stream tonight's show on Mixlr? 

Here's what you missed...
Le Phish, 7.15.16 THE GORGE, George, WA

Set 1: Tweezer > Sample in a Jar, Old Home Place, Wolfman's Bruh, Bouncin**, Undermind, Kill Devil Falls, Lawn Boy, Ass Handed**, Party Time, The Line, Tide Turns, Rift, Walls of the Cave

Set 2: Crosseyed and Painless > What's the Use? > No Mans Land > Stash > Ghost > No Men In No Man's Land > Chalk Duste > Meatstick > 2001 > Cavern

Encore: Makisupa Policeman > Wilson > Good Times Bad Times
** FTP
* Pauly Takes a Piss Song

* * * *
2016 SETLISTS: 6.22 MN - 6.24 CHI1 - 6.25 CHI2 - 6.26 Deer Creek -
6.28 PHI1 - 6.29 PHI2 - 7.1 SPAC1 - 7.2 SPAC2 - 7.3 SPAC3 - 7.6 Maine
- 7.8 Great Woods - 7.9 Hartford - 7.10 Syracuse


Nom Nom Nom said...

Who's got my codes?

J Sco said...

I wish I did....... had an open air seat which is just as bad sound wise.

boogn1sh said...

These droids got all twisted up last night.
They are not the droids you are looking for.

Unknown said...

Shout out to all of the Jawas out there running around with these droids. #TatooineStrong

MeToo said...


donaldosborn said...

Thanks for the linkage.

Unknown said...

I attended the show, but the ticket taker actually ripped my ticket instead of scanning it the first night. Therefore, I lost my code and am just now getting home to download these after San Fran. Could anyone repost the droids as the ones posted here are expired?? Please and thank you crew! :)

Phaser said...

@Heather, Gorge droids both nights

Unknown said...

Thank you Phaser!! :)