Saturday, July 23, 2016

Phish San Diego Setlist: 7/23/16 Chula Vista, CA

Phish concluded their West Coast run with a final show at Chula Vista just outside San Diego and along the Mexican border. This is the seventh and final show on the Left Coast before Phish takes time off before LOCKN and Dicks.

For lot prices and rando updates, visit @CoventryMusic on Twitter. For even schwillier memes/pics follow @CoventryMusic on Instagram. Maybe our Japhan pal Yas will stream tonight's show on Mixlr?

Here's what you missed in Chula Vista...

Le Phish, 7.23.16 Chula Vista, CA

Set 1: Farmhouse, 555, Water in the Sky, Ghost, Ass Handed, Sloth, Martian Monster > Reba > Ass Handed, Tube > Wolfman's > Walls of the Cave

Set 2: 2001 > 46 Days > Piper > Twist > Backwards > Carini, Harry Hood > Loving Cup

E: Monkey, Tweeprise

* * * *
2016 SETLISTS: 6.22 MN - 6.24 CHI1 - 6.25 CHI2 - 6.26 Deer Creek -
6.28 PHI1 - 6.29 PHI2 - 7.1 SPAC1 - 7.2 SPAC2 - 7.3 SPAC3 - 7.6 Maine - 7.8 Great Woods - 7.9 Hartford - 7.10 Syracuse - 7.15 GORGE - 7.16 GORGE - 7.18 SF - 7.19 SF2 - 7.20 SF3 - 7.22 LA


Argonaut said...

These are not the droids you're looking for:

allaboutstyle said...

younghaven, those are certainly not the droids we are looking for. ;-) Thanks, Argonaut and everyone who provided droids over the past month!

peter said...

as always thanks for the droids!

Mario Bono said...

Nice one. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the droids argo, phaser, et al.. young haven not so much

Anonymous said...

Thx to all for the droids...Any chance the droids I am not looking for are still hanging around?

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