Friday, July 08, 2016

Phish Great Woods Setlist: 7/8/16 Mansfield, MA

Phish returned to "Great Woods" in Mansfield, MA. They historically play big shows at GW. After an up and down start to summer tour, this Friday night gig at Great Woods has a little extra pressure than a normal show. Let's hope the boys get back on track for the first of a three one-night stands in the East (Great Woods > Hartford > Syracuse) before the tour migrates West.

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Here's what you missed...
Le Phish, 7.8.16 GREAT WOODS, Mansfield, MA

Set 1: Party Time, 46 Days, Poor Heart, Dogs, GIN, Fast Enough for You, How Many People Are You?, Strange Design, Fuego, Cities,Space Oddity *

Set 2: Ghost > Light > Wolfman's Bruh **, Chalkdust, I Saw It Again > Back on the Train > SLAVE


* A Capella
** PA went out during Wolfman's jam
* * * *
2016 SETLISTS: 6.22 MN - 6.24 CHI1 - 6.25 CHI2 - 6.26 Deer Creek -
6.28 PHI1 - 6.29 PHI2 - 7.1 SPAC1 - 7.2 SPAC2 - 7.3 SPAC3 - 7.6 Maine


Phaser said...

These aren't the Droids your looking for...

Al Maven said...

Thank you Phaser!

I must say, not to be a debbie downer, but this was the worst show of a so far spectacular tour.

Anonymous said...

you rock phaser.
ps I wouldn't call it that, plenty of good stuff in there, Light jam in particular had insane moments

Tommy said...

Thanks, Phaser!

That wolfman's was just getting good! Oh well.

MeToo said...

BEST SHOW OF THE TOUR!!!!! No sound won't stop PAGE!!!!

Unknown said...

dude's jokin right? even with all the technical difficulties, this was easily one of the best shows of tour so far.

thanks as always phaser!

Unknown said...


Shred said...

Thanks Phaser. Comments are silly, tour is terrible and show is average. Trey is off the whole tour. I haven't seen him connect with band at all. 2014 was pretty bad but at least Spac Randy and Mann were balls out. 2015 was great for 3.0- 2016 was the worst tour in their history.