Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Setlist

Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds, 10.28.05, Aladdin Theatre, Las Vegas, NV

Complied by The Joker

Set 1: Intro > Bartender, What Will Become of Me, Save Me, Stand Up, Typcial Situation, Help Myself, Stay or Leave, ??, Wharehouse, Cry Freedom, Too Much, Two Step, Tim Reynold's Solo, Smooth Operator/Where Are You Going?, Jimi Thing, Old Dirt Hill, When the World Ends, Gravedigger, Crush, Dancing ???

Encore: Everyday, Satellite

The Joker and I got there early. Dave Matthews gets some primo pussy at his shows and there were tons of hot chicks. We drank steadily and I snuck into the bathroom to smoke some hash. I knew about less than 50% of the material, but I walked away impressed with Tim Reynolds.

Dave was telling awful Thunder from Down Under jokes the entire night. It was a good show and a great tune up for Vegoose. We knew the crowd would be a little cleaner and more mellow than the Trey crowd.

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