Saturday, October 29, 2005

Trey Aladdin Setlist

Trey Anastasio Band 10.26.05 - Aladdin Theatre, Las Vegas, NV

Set 1: Air Said to Me, Sleep Again, Money Love and Change, Tuesday, Dark & Down, Drifting, 46 Days, Night Speaks to a Woman, Come as Melody

Trey Acoustic (Setbreak): Invisible, Ether Sunday (dedicated to his best friend), Pebbles and Marbles, Bug

Set 2: Shine, Goodbye Head > Mr. Completely, Low

Encore: First Tube

I don't have time for a full recap, but here's some random things.

Show started at 12:40am and ended after 3:30. I went with the Joker and we had seats in the next to last row of the Sec 200s. We were in the smoking section which rocked. Overall, the show was not as good as the one we caught at Red Rocks in August, but I was entertained.

Trey didn't start to get his shit together until Money, Love & Change. Other highlights in the first set included Drifting, 46 Days, and Night Speaks to a Woman, where Jen Hartswick's vocals brought down the house.

During the setbreak, the band took a break and Trey sat and played acoustic guitar. Pebbles and Marbles is a song that I prefer to hear arranged acoustically. Bug was special to hear and it's one of my favorite Phish songs.

Second set was rockin'. One guy in front of me was busting on Trey's band. "Phish would have smoked the hell out of this joint." He was right, but the band brought a better effort forth in the second set. Mr. Completely and Low here the highlights for sure. The lights and bubbles during First Tube were insane. It made it look like it was snowing.

The Joker joked around that the Trey posters we saw in the casino made it look like he was jerking off. For sure, Trey's recent efforts have resembled a huge on-stage masturbation session. He spooged all over the crowd and the licked up every single drop. A few kids even stored some away to sell on e-Bay. There have to be some spun out Phishy chicks would would love to have's Trey's artificially inseminated baby!

After the show, they unleashed the freaks into the casino and not even a hordes of wookies, spun out phishkids, and hot hippie chicks could deter the attention away from degenerate gamblers who kept their heads down and focused on losing their money at the slot machines.

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