Thursday, October 06, 2005

Phish and New Orleans Relief released two Phish shows from New Orleans with proceeds going towards Hurricane Katrina Relief. The new download has the entire April 26, 1996 performance at the Fairgrounds at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. I wasn't there, but Senor was and said it was kick ass. If you don't know Phish was not asked to return to Jazz Fest because Phisheads took over parts of the city and turned the side streets into a lot scene when thousands of fans showed up without tickets.

The second show mentioned is a filler that contaons the entire second set from November 7, 1991 at Tipitina's with special guests from Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit.

Here's the track listing:
Set One:
Ya Mar 7:56
AC/DC Bag 7:08
Sparkle 3:50
Stash 10:35
Cars Trucks Buses 5:11
You Enjoy Myself 16:49
Wolfman's Brother 3:52
Scent of a Mule 11:17
2001 5:02
Harry Hood 12:34
Sample in a Jar 4:54
A Day in the Life 4:24
David Bowie 14:59

Hello My Baby 2:06
Cavern 5:12

FILLER: 11/7/91 Set II Tipitina's

Brother 5:34
Bouncing Around the Room 3:40
My Sweet One 2:18
Reba 11:08
Tube 3:18
Horn 3:41
David Bowie 14:03
Take The A-Train 4:12
Love You 7:50
Possum 9:14

Fee 5:06
Rocky Top 4:11

Lawn Boy 2:50
Fire 4:46
I snagged my copy already and it's some good ass Phish. 1996 is an under rated year for the boys. Here's proff that they shredded it up.

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