Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Disco Biscuits t00r

Progressions DVD out now...

Where have all the kiddzzz gone now that Jerry passed, Phish is done, Trey can't leave New York State, and String Cheese split up? Well if you like the untz untz untz untz you are on Bisco t00r.

The Disco Biscuits are coming out to Colorado for a 4 night run in January and I couldn't be happier. I had Tickets to the New Year's run but have decided to stay home since Bisco is coming out to Colorado. Upcoming t00r dates:

12/13/2007|CARIBBEAN HOLIDAZE|Runaway Bay, Jamaica,
12/27/2007|TLA/Fillmore|Philadelphia ,PA
12/28/2007|Hammerstein Ballroom|New York,NY
12/29/2007|Hammerstein Ballroom|New York,NY
12/30/2007|Electric Factory|Philadelphia,PA
12/31/2007|Tweeter Center|Camden,NJ

1/16/2008|Aggie Theatre|Fort Collins,CO
1/17/2008|Boulder Theater|Boulder,CO
1/18/2008|The Fillmore Auditorium|Denver,CO
1/19/2008|Dobson Ice Arena|Vail ,CO

3/6/2008|LANGERADO-The Big Cypress Reservation|Clewiston,FL

If you are not familiar with the Biscuits, here is a link to a great show on Archive.org. I love this first set- the Voices Insane, House Dog Party Favor > King Of The World > Digital Buddha is hot.
linky to archive.org

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