Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trucker Hats by Pep

This summer I met the talented artist and music fan Rob Peper at Panic Red Rocks. Pep illustrated a series of trucker hats with Panic songs for his crew of friends. I thought it was a great idea and later in the summer I commissioned a series of hats for Jonas, Pauly, Wildo, Fink and myself of our favorite Phish songs for Telluride.

These works of art are now for sale. Pep will make a custom design for you for $40, or if you want something similar to what he has already done, its $30. If you want a custom hat, just send him the name of the song or idea, and he will make a design. Pep will do other bands besides Panic and Phish- these are just examples.

If you are ordering a new custom design, please be patient and gracious. Pep is an artist and please respect his time and creativity. When Pep made the Ghost, 2001, Piper, Slave, and Tweezer hats for us I just told them a little about who they were for and the song I wanted the design for, and that they were for Telluride. Notice Pauly's Slave hat has poker chips in it - a nice touch I think.

A few examples of his work are pictured below. Check out the flickr page for more designs. Pep will be in town for the Broomfield, CO shows if you want to meet him or buy something in person, we can arrange that.

Please put in the message in your order what design or idea for a design you are interested in. If you have questions or comments, please email


Trucker Hat Flickr Page - Archive of designs


jonas0tt0 said...

I get tons of compliments on mine.

Thanks again, Joker!

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty sweet! I wonder if he could make me an AVETTS one?!

shags dawson said...

Id love to meet up at the broomfield shows to pickup one of the field of brooms hats.
Some great work here

the joker said...

Pep can definitely design a Avetts hat. Hes from North Carolina so im sure he knows whats up.

email pep and im sure he will arrange something to meet up in Broomfield. Hes also on the lookout for tickets, so if there is anyone out there with an extra Broomfield for Mon or Tues, please let him know!

Max Yield said...

sick art! cheers

nathaniel buffam said...

Would be interested in lots of those If they are available for sale, can contact me via email.