Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tractorbeam @ The Mish

Last weekend Colorado Bisco fans were treated to a special Tractorbeam show at Mishawaka Amphitheater. Tractorbeam is The Disco Biscuits' alter ego: the four memebers of The Disco Biscuits perform without any singing. Allen and Barber were playing rented instruments and they are without the normal Bisco lights and crew.

Adding to the excitement, the owners of Mishawaka Amphitheater are being forced to sell after a recent run in with the law. This Tractorbeam show could be the second to last performance at The Mish if new music loving owners are not found.

Friend of the blog and Purple Board PTer Sven put together a video of the evening.

The video total is 1:16:42. There is an intro that shows the winding road through Poudre canyon up to The Mish and a taste of the scene inside and outside The Mish. Conspirator footage starts at about 5:30 and he got the two songs with Murph from STS9.

Tractorbeam footage starts at about 18:30 and includes Spraypaint > On Time > Tricycle > Bombs > Portal To An Empty Head > Papercut.

Sven used a small handheld flip camera with a little tripod placed right by the soundboard. Tractorbeam footage is synced with the audience recording available on

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