Thursday, September 09, 2010

Burning Man 2010 Recap and Video

This year was my first of what I feel will be many Burning Man adventures. As a virgin, I did not fully understand the size of the party and the effort that is put into building Black Rock City until I arrived. Simply put, Burning Man is the biggest party I have ever been a part of, and it may be the biggest party on the Planet Earth.

I have edited together a group of video clips and pictures from my experience. I estimate that I saw 10% of all the things that went on at Burning Man. Its a huge party, and everyone has their own unique experiences. Many of us got to see the large art installations and saw some of the same DJs play at Nexus or Root Society, but overall there is so much to see and do at Burning Man you just have to go out there and take it in for yourself to fully get it.

Burning Man cannot be compared to anything else I have experienced. It has aspects of the lot scene of a festival like Bonnaroo or a Phish festival, but is very different because there is no shakedown and there is no exchange of money for goods. Many of my friends have asked if I liked Burning Man better than Jam Cruise, and the answer is that I like both...for completely different reasons. Its like asking me to compare my friend's dog to my cat. I love them both, but they are very very different.

More than anything else, I loved the adventure and freedom at Burning Man. The creativity is incredible. The conditions out in on the Playa are extreme, and the amount of money and effort put into building the large structures out there blew my mind. Many times I felt like I was on a different planet. Many times I probably was.

Burning Man at night is something that I love. I loved riding my bike though the Playa and being part of the sea of lights. Those of you who have been there know what I mean...those of you who have not will have to imagine what its like to fly a spaceship though a battle scene out of Star Wars. But on a bike. In the desert.

I will go back, hopefully next year and many years after that. If you have any questions that need answering, I'll try to answer them. I find it difficult to sum up my experience as it seems many before me have. I can only encourage you to go, at least once. See you next year.


Broseph said...


Dusty Bottoms said...

Sick video Joker. 113 days until Jam Cruise. But who's counting??

Samsa said...

So well said and to the point. I love what you said about riding bikes at night. It is such a wonderful feeling, you almost wouldnt think it would be that noteworthy, but it is. Thank you for your straight up approach to reviews in general. It's inspiring for someone like me that gets lost in my own warps. I hope we can meet out in BRC next year!! ~sam aka red

Kantiki Jayamana Whateva said...

Sweeeeet. That vid by the Joker is one of the best nighttime captures I've come across. Mad thanks for sharing (and I'll do the same).

This is the first year out of six that I haven't ridden a bike, and reading your post makes me miss it. But I'll always be back, and love hearing others who've discovered the playa for the first time. It truly is another world. I'd go so far as to say it's a minimum of two worlds, as the world by-day is something out of the Arabian Nights... while the world by-night is entirely alien.

Awesome post, and mad love. Cheers!