Monday, December 01, 2008

Today in Phishtory: 12/1/1996 - Pauley Pavillion at UCLA

Phish, 12/01/96 Pauley Pavilion (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA

Set I: Peaches en Regalia, Poor Heart, Cavern, Cars Trucks Buses, Character Zero, The Curtain, Down With Disease, Train Song, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Sample in a Jar, Antelope

Set II: Tweezer, Sparkle, Simple > A Day in the Life, Reba, Swept Away > Steep, Tweezer Reprise, Johnny B. Goode, Slave to the Traffic Light

Encore: Highway to Hell
Here are the download links courtesy of HoyDog23:
Phish 12/1/96 - Part 1
Phish 12/1/96 - Part 2
Phish 12/1/96 - Part 3
Or click here to stream the 12/1/96 show via

I wasn't at this particular show, but it stood out because I shared the same nickname as the pavilion where Phish played. I actually had a cassette bootleg of Set 2 which I acquired from a taper when I lived in Seattle. The boys opened up the first set with a cover of Zappa's Peaches en Regalia. It was the first Peaches in almost two years.

Interesting segue in the second set included a rare Simple > Day in the Life. And they just tossed Tweezer Reprise in the middle of the second set. Aside from the Beatles cover, the second set also featured an old school Chuck Berry tune with frenetic playing from Trey and the encore was a bong-rattling version of AC/DC's Highway to Hell.

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