Phish Dicks 9/1/13 Setlist and Pocdast - Sunday

Official Poster by Ken Taylor

Never miss a Sunday show.

Here is the setlist from the final night at Dicks...
9/1/13 Phish, Dick's 

Set 1: A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, KDF, Back of the Train, Rift, Meat, ICE, Guelah Papyrus. Divided Sky, Funky Bitch, Cavern, Stealing Time, Bowie 
Set 2: Carini > Birds of a Feather > Golden Age > Caspian > Piper > Boogie On > I Saw It Again, Mike's Song > Legalize It

E: Zero
We recorded a few episodes of the Wook Patrol Podcast....

Ep. 18 - Ladies' Fashion Report - Change100 and Fireball Leslie talk about their favorite outfits and costumes

Ep. 17 - The Molly Squirts - Dr. Scotch tells Pauly and the Joker about his adventures in the men's toilet.

Ep. 16 - Rock City - Hijinks in Shakedown. Wildo and Leslie reveal their secrets to properly hustling spun-out vendors.


Pauly said…
Michael Gibson said…
Mr. Quandolas, you are a gentlemen and a scholar. Cheers!
Thanks again DrPauly for finishing us out just right.

Thanks again to all of the posters. Looking forward to a quick fall tour.
RunawayBurn said…
Thanks DrPauly
tomahawkcounty said…
Thanks again for the sweat blood tears and dedication that we benefit from here!

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