Thursday, September 19, 2013

YEM-Mix Summer 2013, Vol. 2 by Hal Masa

We have another new mix by Hal Masa. This "YEM-Mix Summer 2013" is broken down into four parts. According to Hal Masa, the Tahoe Tweezer is not included.

Antelope (7/3 Bangor)
Tweezer ->Cities (Intro -> Outro)->The Wedge (7/12 JB)
KDF (7/20 Chi-Town2)
Energy > Runaway Jim (8/4 BGCA2)
Stash (7/14 MPP2)
Hood (7/13 MPP1)
Piper (7/7 SPAC3)
GTBT (7/20 Chi-Town2)

#2~The Gorgeous Moments
DWD (7/27) -> 
Undermind Intro -> Jam1 ->Jam2 -> 
Light Intro -> Outro -> 
Sally -> 
2001 ->
Xeyed (7/26) -> 
Twist -> 
Waves Intro -> Jam

DWD (7/22 Tronto)
Piper (7/20 Chi-Town2)
RnR (7/12 JB)
Carini (7/6 SPAC2)
Melt (7/2 SPAC2)
Energy (7/17 Alpharetta2)
Mikes->Simple->Weekapaug (7/13 MPP1)

On The Road Again (8/31 Dicks2)
Legalize It (9/1 Dicks3)
Hood (8/5 Hollywood)
Xeyed (7/10 PNC)
Golden Age (7/30 Tahoe1)
Gin (8/31 Dicks2)
Chalk Dust (7/16 Alpharetta1)
Energy (7/21 Chi-Town2)
Reba (8/2 BGCA1)
Divided Sky (9/1 Dicks3)
Funky Bitch (9/1 Dicks3)
Chalk Dust  (8/31 Dicks2)
Slave (8/3 BGCA2)
Suzy Greenberg (9/1 Dicks3)

Thanks again to Hal Masa! Some juicy nuggets here.


BTreotch said...

they say never trust the Hal9000; but I enjoy these mixes.

Bignoa said...

Another terrific mix set from Mr. Hal - Hats off, good Sir....

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