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Judging Notes (Tweezer vs. Carini) by Grant and Pauly

Grant and I helped Fink out with his Song of the Year posts by acting as guest judges in the fictitious boxing match between Tweezer and Carini. Which song will win the title and become the champion? We'll have to see which song dominates at MSG to end the year.

Here's the match that Fink provided...

Round 1: Carini 12/30/12 MSG vs. Tweezer 12/28/12 MSG        
Round 2: Carini 7/6/13 SPAC vs. Tweezer 7/6/13 SPAC
Round 3: Carini 7/30/13 Tahoe vs. Tweezer 7/31/13 Tahoe        
Round 4: Carini 8/4/13 BGA vs. Tweezer 7/12/13 Jones Beach    
Round 5: Carini 9/1/13 Dicks vs. Tweezer 8/31/13 Dicks        
Round 6: Carini 10/18/13 Hampton vs. Tweezer 10/20/13 Hampton
Round 7: Carini 10/25/13 Woostah vs. Tweezer 10/27/13 Hartford
Round 8: Carini 10/31/13 AC vs. Tweezer 11/2/13 AC

Here are some notes about Tweezer by myself and Grant....

Grant's Scoring Notes

Round 1-Listened to 12/28/12 Tweezer first cuz I had recently listened to the Carini 12/30/12 a few days ago.  Tweezer jam has potential, but never takes me anywhere.  I didn't consider the Maze to follow, nor will I consider the number line follow up to the Carini.  Carini much stronger jam to begin...seems they had more of a purpose in this one, possibly reflecting on the purposeless Tweezer the night before.  Carini wins round one  (tbconsidered:  I wasn't at either of these shows).

Round 2-Listened to Carini first even though it falls after the Tweezer on that night in the shed.  Happy happy happy (Carini) to be on the road again.  Love this Tweezer right out of the gates.  That little ditty Trey toys with at the beginning of the jam section.  Start stop (woo forshadowing) this one is groovy...ripchorded for Sand, which is not the worst decision, but I didn't like the switch.  I have to say these two tie....was not in attendance.

Round 3-I'm not a Tweezer Protestant.  I was there, man.  I have listened to this version of Tweezer more than I've listened to any other song's particular version (to be compared with 12/31/10 Ghost or first set of 11/17/97). I  probably haven't listened to the Carini 7/30/13 more than 5 times.  No contest here.  37 mins vs 8 mins (take away 3 mins for song structure at the beginning of each song)  no brainer.  Tweezer fucking rules this round.  Note:  attended both of these shows with both judges to my left as I boogied.  And I'm a woo'er (but only for two shows....7/31 and 8/2...well, maybe 8/4 too).

Round 4-Wow the lead up to Tweezer at Jones Beach was crazy cool, but I'm going to try to rate it solely.  But damn that lead in to Cities was money.  This Tweezer tugs at my heartstrings.  It has that emotional chord progression at the end.  Lumphead!!  What a run.  Hard not to consider the entire run (or the Jim which precedes this Carini)....This Carini stays on the ground and never takes off imo.  Winner winner tweezer attendance for the BGCA Carini.

Round 5-Dark tone to Carini speaks to me well.  Trey's reaching, though not in vain (it's a good reach).  Fish is keeping the tempo and not letting it end.  I like this jam a lot....Saw It Again in the same set :)  Tweezer- whoa.  Trey's lick right out of the gate is the same as 7/6/13 Tweezer, but the lick fizzles quickly.  Trance jam.  These were both heady...tie.  In attendance for both of these.

Round 6-Very partial to this Carini, because it foreshadows the entire 13 fall tour.  Though the Tweezer on night 3 is very special because of a conversation I had with WK about the whats the use-ness of it.  Turns out the song Wingsuit was the slow Tweezer jam of 10/20, I think....this was gonna be a tie, but Carini outlasted the Tweezer, but not to discount.  They both fucking rawked.

Round 7-Whoosta Carini is dark and driving (lead by Page to begin), Trey tries to lighten it up, but it doesn't stick...he sinks darker....plinko Page and Trey.  I like this, though they (I mean, Trey) interupt it for you know who....our favorite prince.  I like this Tweezer.  Day of Lou Reed's death...kinda sad tone.  Its another tugger of heartstrings 13 mins in.  Tweezer wins again in my opinion.  Not in attendance for either of these.

Round 8-Tweezer was so damn funky, it'll be hard to top it.  Not necessarily any instrument standing out over the other.  This type of jam was what made the TahoeTweezer so good.  A very good team effort.  This carini wins round 8.  At this point, I've been jamming all morning->early afternoon...I can't pinpoint it.  Not in attendance.

Without playing with any numbers (I promise I didn't), I went thru each and every opponent, each and every round.  the 10/31/13 Carini was the last listened to and the savior.  I had prematurely given the round to Tweezer 11/2/13 because of its funkiness.


Pauly's Scoring Notes:

Round 1: Sinister Carini shoulda won, but the split Tweezer/Tweeprise over the duration of the MSG run won bonus points.

Round 2: Boooooo to the Tweeze ripchord, devilish Carini owned SPAC.

Round 3: Carini got crushed by Tahoe Tweezer.

Round 4: Hipsterfied Carini (San Francisco) no match for Hurricane Tweezer (Jones Beach).

Round 5: Compact, serene Carini versus Trey's Tweeze-a-wank-a-thon at Dick's.

Round 6: Nuclear Carini versus a meandering Tweezer at the Mothership.

Round 7: Wicked Carini, but a sizzling Tweeze.

Round 8: Over-confident Tweezer got ambushed by a feisty Carini, welcome to Jersey biatch!

FWIW... I was at all shows mentioned with exception of SPAC and Jones Beach.

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