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My name is Pauly (a.k.a. Dr. Pauly or @taopauly) and I am a writer originally from New York City that currently lives in California.

I created Coventry blog in August of 2004 as a one-time project as a forum my friends to share stories about the final Phish shows at Coventry, Vermont before the band broke up. I initially dedicated this "new blog" to Phishhead friends who could not attend the final shows in Coventry. My specific writing goal was to make those friends feel like they were actually there.

Remember, 2004 seemed like ancient times but a blog seemed like the most optimal way to share and communicate with like minds. No one had smart phones yet and most of us were still on a dial-up modem connection. Blogs became the the focal point and an alternative to PT and other forums in the pre-social media boom era before Facebook/Twitter/Instagram took over.

I know, the name. It's weird. This blog is named after the worst shows in the history of Phish. I never intended to ever use this site once the band broke up. But... shit happens, and Phish miraculously reunited in 2009 and all hell broke loose. When Phish announced their reunion shows in Hampton, I decided to keep the name to remind ourselves how lucky we are that Phish is back touring and making music.

Coventry Music has evolved into what you see today... a blog that focuses on Phish and our favorite music. We expanded our "brand" into Twitter (@CoventryMusic), Instagram (@CoventryMusic), and podcasting (Wook Patrol).

Coventry Music is not just a blog, or a social media feed. It's a venue for friends and strangers to celebrate our favorite musical influences. We post random news, setlists, art, (download) links, videos, pictures, cat memes, tour dates, new music and mixes. Our contributors are spread out all over America (Los Angeles, Colorado, Austin, New York,  etc.), so we get to see a lot of different shows and music festivals.

Coventry Music is not a crew, a clique, or scene, or meme factory. We're just an eclectic mix of music lovers tat have a groovy time at shows and festivals. We don't take ourselves too seriously. We're Phish fanatics, but we don't take their music for granted. Phish is what you make of it, but it's supposed to be fun. Never forget that.

So who exactly are we? Pauly (a.k.a @taopauly) launched this blog in 2004. Shortly after, the Joker (a.k.a. @Neillybop) joined the ranks and helped expand the blog in the dark days before Phish returned for 3.0.

Check out the bios of our main contributors: Dr. Pauly, The Joker, Irongirl01, Btreotch, Jonas, and Change100.

Thanks for stopping by Coventry. Hope to see you in the lot.

Twitter: @CoventryMusic
Instagram: @CoventryMusic

P.S. If you dig the site and like the writing, then check out books I wrote including a rock and roll novel titled Fried Peaches.


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