Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today in Phishtory: 5/20/94 Olympia, WA

15 years ago today, the boys played in Olympia, WA for a bunch of dosed-out hippies at Evergreen College. When I lived in Seattle, I had a few friends from Evergreen who used to joke about their "loose structure" on campus. Where do wookies live when they are not on tour? Lots of them are from Evergreen.

The show in May of 1994 included a sizzling (but short) second set with a fatty 2001 > Antelope one-two punch to kick things off.
5/20/94 Evergreen College Recreation Center, Olympia, WA

1: Fee, Maze, If I Could, It's Ice, Bathtub Gin, Fast Enough for You, Scent of a Mule, Dog Faced Boy*, Carolina, AC/DC Bag

2: 2001 > Antelope, Weigh, Axilla Pt. 2, Wolfman's Brother, Rift, You Enjoy Myself

E: Chalk Dust Torture

* acoustic
Links courtesy of HoyDog 23...
Download 5/20/94 Olympia, WA - Part 1
Download 5/20/94 Olympia, WA - Part 2


JMS said...

So. Much. Fun. This "venue" was basically a gymnasium and we were on the rail. The Fee opener was by request -- some girl had printed out a stack of 8.5x11 signs with FEE on them in big letters. I got my ticket from some dude on campus for $10. Win!

m a x said...

i was on the rail for this show too, and still have one of the fee request sheets somewhere in the archives. thanks for posting a link to this show. yay pac nw phish!

毛虫 said...

I lived right across Eld Inlet with a bunch of trust fund hippies, but didn't go to this show. I was rather anti-jamband music at the time. Just saw them at Alpine Valley a couple days ago--and I wish I had gone to this show. D'oh.