Today in Phishtory: 5/4/94 New Orleans, LA

Fifteen years ago today.

"I hope you live your life like that last jam," said Trey in the middle of Antelope as he dedicated to the song to the newborn baby of a friend of his.

In the days leading up to the infamous Bomb factory show in Dallas, the boys played a gig in the Big Easy at the State Palace Theater. The epic show included special guests... the Cosmic Country Horns... a fusion of the Giant Country Horns and the Cosmic Crew. Phish in New Orleans? Always a throw down.
Phish, 5.4.94 State Palace Theater, New Orleans, LA

Set 1: Runaway Jim, Foam, Sample in a Jar, Ice, Sparkle, Axilla Pt. II, Tweezer, Lifeboy, Rift> Tweezer Reprise

Set 2: Antelope, Bouncin', You Enjoy Myself*, Buried Alive*, Landlady*, Julius*, Wolfman's Brother*, Magilla*, Suzy Greenberg*

E: Caravan*

* with the Cosmic Country Horns featuring Carl 'Gears' Gerhard (trumpet), Michael Ray (trumpet), Tony Tate (tenor sax), Dave Grippo (alto sax), Jerome Theriot (baritone sax), and Rick Trolsen (trombone)
Download 5.4.94 New Orleans, LA - Set 1
Download 5.4.94 New Orleans, LA - Set 2

FYI, it's not the best recording in the world, but I'm a junkie for Phish with horns.


Unknown said…
phish in new orleans in 99? not a throwdown! hehe
Pauly said…
I wasn't at the 94 show, but I was in NOLA for 99. That was a pretty epic show. A throwdown indeed.

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