Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chris "Birdman" Andersen: Cheese Kid + Tour Photos

Everyone in Denver is excited about the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs. Tonight I was watching the game with a few String Cheese Incident fans and the subject came up about Chris "Birdman" Andersen's love of live music, and especially SCI. In fact, his nickname of "Birdman" was actually inspired by the song "Birdland." The official story is that Chris got in trouble with drugs and was suspended from '06-'08 from the NBA. The Cheese kids tell a different story- Chris took a hiatus from the NBA for a couple of years so he could boogie down without anything holding him back from Cheese Tour. Word is that Chris is a great hooper, too.

Coventry has obtained some exclusive photos of the Birdman in action. Check it out:

The Birdman with some cuties before SCI's last Red Rocks shows, Aug 2007

The Birdman posing in front of Jerry's house in The Haight

The Birdman always pulled the cute hippie chicks, Horning's Hideout 2007

Birdman front row, Kang Side, Horning's Hideout 2007


BTreotch said...

I can't believe Birdman went front row.. Tall ass m'fer has no business on the rail..

Anonymous said...

so, does this mean he has the HepC as well?

the joker said...

Birdman liked to boogie to the untz-y SCI tunes, hang with the cuties and hoop. what im hearing he was clean (no dreads in the photos) and favored powders over needles...so no HepC. He also loved it when Kang played like Trey. but what do i know...im just a blogger, not a doctor.

Peter Griffin said...
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