Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bisco Inferno - Disco Biscuits Red Rocks 5/30 - Review, Setlist and Video Montage

In short, Bisco played a near flawless show last night to about 6,000 at Red Rocks. They teamed with a production crew and the visuals were like nothing I have ever seen before from any jam band. Daryl and I talked about it a few minutes ago and we think a show like this one is a sign of a maturing band that is practiced and are excited to play their music to a larger crowd. The songs they chose seem to be the ones they really like to play and are playing well. There were no big surprises musically- well, other than "White Chicks and Gang Signs", which was hilarious. The Biscuits played as tight as I have ever heard them and Barber was making his guitar sing all night.

The Setlist:

The Disco Biscuits, Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
"Bisco Inferno" 5/30/09

I: Rock Candy-> Strobelights and Martinis-> I-Man-> Strobelights and Martinis-> Crickets**-> Sound One, Uber Glue#-> Sabre Dance#

II: M80, (New Manger Song), Caterpillar#-> Ladies**-> I-Man#-> Orch Theme#-> Caterpillar#, Mirrors#-> I-Man#

E: White Chicks & Gang Signs***, The City# > Svenghali#

* Tease
** Inverted
*** YouTube viral video by Billy Reid cover
#with dancers

We need a Montage...

There are a lot of side stories that I'll have to tell you in person...overall a great night, lots of fun people and friends in the crowd, a great party and great music.

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