Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Dead at the Pepsi Center, Denver CO: Preview and ?Live Blog?

I'm getting out of work a little early today to head over to The Pepsi center aka "The Can" to see The Dead. To make an analogy, tonight feels like im going to Grandpa's birthday party.

I love Grandpa, but lets face it - hes not as young as he used to be. Its the kinda thing where the whole family is gonna be there, and I CANT miss it. I would NEVER think of missing it. But c'mon, lets be real. Grandpa's party is Grandpa's party. We all know whats gonna happen, and it was a lot more exciting 30 years ago.

Let's hope Grandpa gets drunk and starts a fight!

I honestly do not know what they could do tonight to impress me. My expectations are low, but I know I will have a good time. Plus, it seems literally everyone I know through music in Colorado is going to be there.

That said, I'll do my best to keep you updated on parking lot shennanigans, ticket prices (im trying to score one in the lot for $25) and old heads that have had too much to drink. I'll put the setlist up im sure but im not gonna try to compete with all the other tweets out there. See you back here in a few hours.

5:30 on the mall ride to the pepsi ctr. Its a beautiful afternoon, 77 and sunny. I'm rocking my dharma logo shirt and already getting some LOST love. Lots of tie dyes walking towards the pepsi ctr already.

6:00 shakedown is fucking huge. About 3000 people seem to have been here all day. Vendors are openly operating, tshirts, beers, crystals, balloons, etc. All in the pepsi ctr asphalt lot. I'm amazed it is this big. A friend just scored 100 level tix for $40, I'm still ticketless but haven't looked. I'm sipping on my 2 for 5 coronas. Cu$tie'd.

6:35 I make the decision to buy a $40 ticket from the box office so I can sit with hippie chick friends and get the psychedelic partay started.

8:38 I just picked a spot to hang out behind the stage. I think the guy next to me is asleep.

9:20 this setbreak is way too long

9:35 deep elem blues is pretty cool

11:35 Good show, I had fun.

The Dead - Denver, CO - Setlist (courtesy of the

The Dead, Pepsi Center, Denver, CO 5/8/2009

Set 1: Feel Like A Stranger, Casey Jones, Loser, Easy Wind, Crazy Finger, Lost Sailor, Saint Of Circumstance

Set 2: Deep Elem Blues @, Me and My Uncle @, Whiskey in the Jar @, The Weight @, Space, Ramble On Rose, King Solomon’s Marbles, China Doll, Cumberland Blues, Not Fade Away

Encore: (Donor Rap) Ripple


Henry Holland said...

I honestly do not know what they could do tonight to impress meThe Other One (complete) > Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven?

Dr. Pauly said...

I heard Grandpa has some headies... he rolls the best doobies.

Phat Phlogger said...

Hey Joker

It was great to finally run into you at a show. Have fun on the first leg of Phish and I will see you at Alpine. Also be sure to make a big ass t-shirt of the Faraday Idea. I loved that.