Friday, July 17, 2009

The Avett Brothers :: St. Augustine, FL 7/16/09

A family trip.
Seats empty.
Seats filling.
Crowd rustling.
Redheads everywhere!

(Natural Redheads unite!)

Neighbors to the left; little girl named 'Clovis'.
Youthful hipsters.
Opening > Matt Butcher and the Revolvers =
a local Orlando band worth checking out

No one stood up to dance or clap, from my seat I arose and from
the stage they saw me, they pointed, they shouted,
"This girl is awesome! You, we're gonna do it bigger for this girl!"


Instruments, rearrange and change.
Listening to Outkast, Paul Simon, Queen, and Elliott Smith.

More sweat.

Sun going down.

Blues and pinks.

Arrival, cheers and whistles.



More Smiles!



Heart is pounding.
Two hours of bliss.
Rest, rinse and repeat on Saturday night!

Paranoia in B-Flat Major, Laundry Room , And It Spread* , Please Pardon Yourself , Shame , Distraction #74, I and Love and You* , Kick Drum Heart* , Go To Sleep , Solomon , Left on Laura, Left on Lisa , Murder In The City , Pretty Girl From Annapolis , At The Beach , Sixteen In July , November Blue , Will You Return? (Encore) The Perfect Space* , Die Die Die

*Off their upcoming album, I and Love and You


Meredith Bailey said...

how do people stay sitting in their seats!?!?! glad you got the finger point from stage. its a feelin' like none other. you rock. we rock. we roll together :-)

BTreotch said...

Are your titties sweating or what?

Anonymous said...

It's Bob Marley's face on my tank top...yeah, it definitely looks like some hardcore tittie sweat.

mikey freshh said...

are you from florida? i live in jacksonville.
are you going to moe/ratdog tomorrow ??

i'm pretty psyched that gordo is coming back to freebird!

Anonymous said...

Mikey Freshh - yeah, dude. I live in Ocala. I'm not going to the Moe./Ratdog show. I am actually still in Tampa from the Avetts' show last night!

Rock on!