Saturday, July 25, 2009

STS9 Fillmore 7/24/09

(photo by Casey Flanigan - Rothbury)

Last night I saw one of the best STS9 shows I have seen in over 3 years.
STS9, Denver Fillmore 7/24/09
The Setlist:
We'll Meet In Our Dreams>
Inspire Strikes Back
Peaceblaster 68>08
New New 4 U U

Music, Us
One a day

What made it so good? It was a show that focused on what I call the old school STS9. The We'll Meet In Our Dreams>Kaya, Inspire Strikes Back, STS9 section was fantastic. Its been years since ive seen a good Tokyo and Music, Us. A 1 set show but I was satisfied. STS9 also changed up the stage setup since the last time I have seen them. Zach is where Phipps was, Phipps is in the middle, and Jeffrey is where Zach was.

Im going to the Red Rocks "Day out of Time" with a big crew, and I'm looking forward to some more old school melodic playing.

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Justin said...

Awesome to hear, dude. When they rolled through the Fillmore out here they were doing different stage setups like each night....I personally kinda like Zach to be up front and center, though.

Either way, it looks like these guys are doing plenty of things to try and keep it fresh. Even changing how they look on stage can dramatically affect the show. :)