Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Phish Save The Date Map Theory #1,567,491...and the only one you need to know.

Our RAGING friend Disco Sis #1 is on to something. If you haven't already, check out the new pinball animation at, then read the following theory.

Disco Sis#1 writes:

I heard from an college friend who plays viola in the New York
Philharmonic Orchestra that Trey canceled a rehearsal for their upcoming show because Fishman died in a freak boating accident.

Sadly, the recent "Save The Date" map only confirms the rumor.

The late Jon Fishman's picture is superimposed on the pinball and he's wearing a Viking hat.

It is a well known fact that Vikings were seafaring people, and a mediocre football franchise at best.

I can only assume that that since the ball dropped into Lake Michigan that the tragic rumor is true. Fishman is lying at the bottom of the Great Lake.

But, the show must go on. I can only conclude that Phish will be covering Michael Jackson's Thriller with a zombie Fishman sitting in on drums this Halloween.


Timothy said...

Hey , think about this...Anoka, Minnesota, IS THE Halloween Capital of the World! and why not a cooler weather festy to weed out the wooks. That much closer to all the other rumored East coast/Cincy dates. Too bad though the best sounding arena out there, The Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul will be hosting the evil NY Rangers & the bastard/traitor Marian Gaborik on 10/30.(He'll prolly be out injured anyway)This place is loud and clear.

I've heard Phish mgmt is affiliated with the same people who book the much inferior sounding Target Center, so that could still be the upset choice of all being bandied about. And a team with 4 Super Bowls, homeboy, is far from mediocre. Look for us there this season!

Broseph said...

@discosis1, rage your face, and maybe other things.

Justin said...

Kangfirmed. I want to marry disco sis.