Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phish Summer Tour Leg 1 - Pauly's Mix

Here's a few personal selections from the first leg of Summer Tour. According to my iTunes, these are the most played in my listening rotation. I arranged them in order of appearance on tour...
Phish Summer Tour Leg 1 - Pauly's Mix:

Ghost (14:16)
Antelope (10:17)
Slave to the Traffic Light (11:14)
Fluffhead (15:26)
Sand (22:21)
Gumbo (5:22)
Mike's Song > (8:55)
I Am Hydrogen > (3:05)
Weekapaug Groove > (8:51)
YEM > (10:49)
Wilson > (5:49)
YEM (7:54)
Glory Days w/ Bruce Springsteen (6:16)
Tube (7:17)
Drowned (4:17)
Tweezer (12:44)
2001 (8:11)
Makisupa Policeman (5:14)
Click here to download the Mix.



Rob said...

Thanks for this. I've almost ruined my car speakers with "Birds of a Feather" from Hampton Beach...

GMoney said...

Listening to the Tube from Burgettstown... very tasty i am closing my eyes now and trying to remember the sparkles and unicorns...
Thanks Pauly

mikey freshh said...

gotta love the asheville 'gumbo' and fishman 's notebook.
as borat would say: 'it NICE - like gypsy tears!'