Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get Your Rage On

We're in position for the four night Red Rocks stand. Like good heads, we gathered up all of our goodies and tickets before the run kicked off. We even have transportation to/from the venue. It's less than 12 hours to game time and we're about to start the pre-party.

Last night, we hit up a couple of the local Denver hippie bars for some musical enjoyment including Quixotes for The Heavy Pets and Owsley's for the monkeyfreaks and Green Sky Bluegrass.

Before you go... make sure you read the Joker's Red Rocks Tips and keep an eye on the weather.

Also, there's an REI near downtown Denver. If you're from out-of-town and don't have rain gear, we strongly suggest you head over there to pick up a slicker or rain coat and other necessary outdoor items. It's gonna rain at some point and you don't want to be wet in the cold.

Also, you might want to bring an extra sandwich baggie to keep your stash and cell phone dry during the rain. Believe me, after getting drenched at Jones Beach and Deer Creek, I never want to be at an outdoor venue without one.

And as always, be kind to your neighbors and if you are from out of town, please try to clean up after yourselves. There was a reason why Phish was banned from Red Rocks all these years... and that was because of us. Let's be on our best behavior because I want to see Phish at Red Rocks every summer for the rest of my life. Don't you?

And if you were not lucky enough to score a ticket, you can stream the show live via Phish Tube.

You can also follow along at home with our coverage. The Joker will be doing the live blog, set list info, and some twit pics. I (Pauly if you haven't figured it out yet) will be handling the color commentary via Twitter at @CoventryMusic and @taopauly. I'll also write a recap when I get back home. The quality will depend upon my state of inebriation. Also, for a female perspective on the scene, you can follow along with @Change100 for her hysterical fashion reports and other pearls of wisdon.

The second leg of summer tour begins with Red Rocks... time to wake up and rage!


Mr Fabulous said...

Have fun Pauly! Hope to see you for the Cincy shows.

Anonymous said...

I was dressed properly at JB and thinking how nice the rain felt. Eventually that changed to "Fuck, its really raining hard".

Have fun out there.