Sunday, January 31, 2010

Disco Biscuits Fox Theater 1/30/09

I had a great time last night. If you ever want to meet EVERYONE at a show, wear a disco ball helmet. At some point in the night I looked at my phone and had 5 text messages from friends at different parts in the venue all saying the same thing: "Dude, we saw lasers bounce off your helmet!"

The second set was intense last night. Saturday's Shem Rah Boo might be the song of the run.

1/30/09 Fox Theater Boulder, CO

Set 1: Step Inside, Strobelights and Martinis> Iman> You and I> Strobelights and Martinis> On Time

Set 2: The Very Moon > Shem Rah Boo (full) > DTTB > Cyclone > Waves (inverted) > DTTB

E: Hope

After 3 nights of Bisco, im full. Gonna rest and recover today.


BTreotch said...

the mirror ball helmet is pretty stellar.. You're only a few steps away from a mirror ball jumpsuit..

Peter said...

Yo Joker, it was good seeing you again at these shows. I'm the guy you met on the Ween bus to Red Rocks. Friday set II was the one for me. That Abyss must have been at least 30 min!! Outer Space music indeed! Keep up the good work...SICK HELMET!!