Sunday, January 03, 2010

Miami Pic Dump #1: The Crew & the Lot

Here's the first batch....


Futuristic city of Miami - view from our balcony

The Joker in the lot

Teenage Wasteland

Benjo slinging stickers in the lot

Homage to Fishman

Our coffee table

Hawaiian Shirt Day

I love this pic of Strawberry because of the guy
in the background taking a leak on the wall

I gave this guy $20

More pics can be found here.


Anonymous said...

...$20 and a Dharma patch to sell?

:) loves it!

Anonymous said...

Post Script - I may just have to blow up the "Hawaiian Shirt Day" photo and frame it for my wall....yes, indeed!

alexrogo said...

Holy crap! Was the joker sitting in Sec. 117 on night one?

-Team Wild Member Alex

Broseph said...

Joker's on jam cruise, that's why no one's answered. I wasn't there or I'd answer

Anonymous said...

alexrogo - I was with the Joker all the nights as far as seating goes - and the first night we were in 117, row 7.

You must recognize his feathered marching band hat?!

alexrogo said...

I did. I was in on the rail on 117. Looked back, thought it was cool, gave him a thumbs up. I raged the orange shirt and black visor. Dudes next to me were sitting down...didn't know them. That's what acid will do to ya.

I had a Coventry Phish blog sighting you had a Team Wild sighting!

I took off my long orange sleeve to reveal my hood shirt and then *boom* Harry Hood!