Thursday, January 28, 2010

Voices Insane

The other night I had a dream I was in a mental institution. I wasn't upset to be there- I was just hanging out with other patients. I was getting some "rest." I saw some of you there- I borrowed an acoustic guitar from a friend and played Cities.

We all sang along: "We're the ones thats got it figured out!"

The music never stops. Not even in my dreams where I'm supposed to get some rest. I have a music addiction problem, and I can't say no. I'm a live music junkie - and thats why I live in Colorado.

The next 4 nigths The Disco Biscuits are playing at the Fox Theater in Boulder. I like Bisco, but my Boulder friends are the superfans. They went to Holidaze. The infamous Panda will be there with a mullet on. They talk more Biscuits than Betty Crocker. They RAGE. Its hard to not get excited when you surround yourself with friends that are excited to see their favorite band play 4 small shows in their backyard.

Hell...even the pets are excited...

I'll report back to ya from the Boulder mental ward. Don't worry about me- Hurley and I will be hangin out.


dsml said...

so you going to do some reporting when Lost starts next week?

jonas0tt0 said...

you should try the "Triple Play" at some point for this run.

Anonymous said...

i had a dream last night that radiohead would headline bonnaroo again this summer. just wanted to get it in print in case it comes true(: