Thursday, August 12, 2010

Phish makes triumphant return to Telluride

Written by our friend Denver Boyd

"By the time the lights dropped for second set, we were packed in noticeably more than first. Just as the stars started to blink into sight in the night sky, they were quickly outshone by light designer Chris Kuroda's amazing display when the band launched into the trance-funk of "Sand." Often referred to as the silent fifth member of the band, Kuroda does more visually with his array of moveable lights than just about any other band could ever hope to accomplish with even the most elaborate stage setups. Walking around the back of the venue, I could hear Gordon's thumping bass lines during "Tweezer" echoing through the streets of town, while the entire crowd boogied down in front of me."

Link - Phish makes triumphant return to Telluride

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