Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Wook Patrol Podcast: Horning's Stuffed Animal Brigade

The Joker recorded one final podcast from Horning's Hideout for the Cheese festival in Oregon.
Episode 14: Horning's Stuffed Animal Brigade with Roz & Alie (2:51) - The Joker interviewed Roz and Alie about their late night encounters at Horning's including a stolen golf cart, a drive-by raffle of a gangsta monkey, and an unresponsive fuzzy animal that they found.

Thanks for listening to Coventry's podcast The Wook Patrol. To listen to older episodes from Horning's and Phish summer tour, then visit the Wook Patrol archives.

We'll definitely be back with new Phishy episodes from Berkeley and Telluride. Stay tuned!

And thanks to Dan from Pokerati.com for FTP hosting.

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