Thursday, August 05, 2010

Twitter and Phish Summer Tour II

Heya gang. As you know, summer tour starts up in a few hours. We will be providing as much coverage as humanly possible, which includes tweets, Wook Patrol podcasts, pics, videos, and recaps.

Sometimes we encounter obstacles on the road that makes it difficult to share what we experienced. This is usually due to lack of time due to traveling, too spun out (i.e. having too much phun), and a shitty internet connection in out custy hotel du jour. Due to the nature of the beast, and that beast being summer tour, we have no idea what exactly we'll be providing at any given day which is why you need to be patient, follow us on Twitter, and check back in with Coventry Music Blog on a regular basis over the next two weeks for a plethora of coverage.

So if you don't follow us on Twitter, then get with the program. We'll be tweeting/twit pic'ing from the road/shows using the main account, along with our individual accounts. We advise you to follow them all for a complete experience. Oh, and we tweet a lot. You've been warned!
@CoventryMusic = Coventry Music Blog
@taopauly = Dr. Pauly
@neillybop = The Joker
@Change100 = Change100
@WheresWildo = Wildo
@Jonas0tt0 - Jonas
And friends of Coventry on the road with us...
If you're big into Twitter lists, then you can also follow one our Twitter list that we dubbed Coventry Crew. That lists also includes parts of our crew who won't be at these shows (e.g. BTreotch, Broseph, DiscoSisters, IronGirl, the Goat, and Strawberry Shortcake).

For setlist tweets, check out @Phish_FTR.

If you see us at the shows, in the lots, or on the road... definitely stop by to say hello. After all, we're coming to your town, to help ya party down.

That's it for now. Drive safe. Party smart. Enjoy your summer tour.


Kid Dynamite said...

Benjo is on the Phish tour?!?! wow! talk about culture clash... Phish <--> France!

BTreotch said...

::vicariously living through you guys under cold fluorescent lights in Maryland::

Anonymous said...

Ditto BTreotch except the cold fluorescent lights in Maryland!

Anonymous said...


BTreotch said...

havent checked this link, but should be good:

tele-mon said...

Thanks for the link. How was the Pizza?

Anonymous said...

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