Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wook Patrol Podcast: Bob Horning's Vortex, Magic Mars, and Late Night

The Wook Patrol returns with episodes recorded from the campgrounds at Horning's Hideout for the Cheese festival in Oregon. The Joker and Wildo are on hand and throwing down all weekend. Here's the latest three episodes featuring Bob Horning, Lord Farquha, and Mr. Flamingo.
Episode 11: Bob Horning's Vortex - The Joker had a Sunday morning chat with Bob Horning, the gentleman who allowed String Cheese to host a festival on the park grounds. Even though he's on call 24/7, he tries to see some of the music. Horning explains that the festival has gone off without any problems. He wasn't surprised to see the "mothership" because the surrounding area is a vortex for unusual happenings.

Episode 12: Magical Mars with Lord Farquha - The Joker interviewed Lord Farquha who describes Saturday's events as "being on Mars." Lord Farquha also explains the importance and significance of the emergence of the Cheese and the overall scene at Horning's.

Episode 13: Late Night with Mr. Flamingo - The Joker lost his voice so he had Mr. Flamingo share a spun-out story about the happenings from the previous evening including the service dog they encountered aptly named Late Night. You can find Late Night on Facebook.

Thanks for listening to Coventry's podcast The Wook Patrol. I created a new page for the Wook Patrol archives, so check it out.

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Broseph said...

The Bob Horning interview is a freaking awesome catch. Great job.