Phish Alpine Valley DVD

You are probably aware by now that Phish is releasing a DVD set of their 2010 Alpine Valley shows. Dr. Pauly was at the shows and you can re-live the action or preview the DVDs by reading his recaps:
Alpine Valley Night #1 Recap: The Circus Comes to Wisconsin

Alpine Valley Night #2 Recap: The Mothership Returns

And check out the sample videos:

Down with Disease




jonas0tt0 said…
Good job!

Thank you.
Josh Fink said…
F the videos, where the hell is Dr. Pauly's halloween blog?
the joker said…
yeah...dr. pauly is covering the november 9 WSOP final table, but I hope he remembers/makes time to fill us in on his the Halloween experience.
Max Yield said…
looking forward to not paying for Phish's newest release

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