Trey Anastasio Princeton Setlist: Acoustic with Scorchio String Quartet

Trey played an acoustic show backed by the Scorchio String Quartet. He even did his best Page imitation and played piano on three tunes including Wolfman's.
11/18/10 - Trey Anastasio, Princeton, NJ

Set 1: Love Is Freedom, Water in the Sky, Summer of 89, Divided Sky, Greyhound Rising, Bar 17**, Gone**, Brian and Robert, Stash, Flock of Words, Strange Design*, Wolfman's Brother**

Encore: Julie, Let Me Lie

** Trey played Piano
* – featuring Tom Marshall


the joker said…
i would love to hear it too, ill post a link when i find it
Anonymous said…
At the risk of getting flamed... I saw a clip on YEMBLOG. I thought it was really indulgent. Trey + a string section, a little over the top for me.
IamwhatIam said…
Trey is one of my favorite musicians on Earth. He's also a little pompous and is very full of himself.
BSS said…
just pump Trey up---- we love our dance move of "pumping up the bicycle pump" when he's getting his guitar ego face on .....

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