Friday, February 11, 2011

Omega One

"Within this clattering conflict of an industry ant nest, DJs are either going to play their own trumpet at maximum volume and vibrato, fighting for air space above the bustling tarmac, or they're going to be humble and fulfill their craft out of a sense of empassioned duty, and not because it marks them out. Omega One, NY veteran and graf writer, is one of the latter breed.

Omega One's tracks have a sense of thick depth and a loping fluidity that make you feel like you are taken through sci-fi thriller vistas of angst and steady momentum. He is brilliant at supplying just enough complexity to bind you into the rhythmic weave of the track, while allowing enough time and space for the effects, scratches, dialogue samples, and melodic embellishments to breathe as part of a natural whole. He's also adept at assembling compositions whose drums and melodic lines mesh into a satisfying flow, such as might otherwise be provided by an MC, with the result that many of the tracks here present a formidable rejoinder to anyone still unconvinced that hip-hop instrumentals are a coherent and complete musical form in their own right."

Last night I listened to a couple of hours worth the music from Omega One, and there was not one track that I did not enjoy. Be sure to grab this upload of downtempo, instrumental tracks from the albums, "The Lo-Fi Chronicles", and "Postcards from The Third Rock".


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