Phish gets some French press

Every month, the editor of French magazine Poker 52 publishes excerpts of my travel/poker blog. Usually, the content is poker related, as you would imagine. But for the February issue, my beloved editor Jérôme (who's also the publisher of the soon to be released French translation of DrPauly's Lost Vegas) went positively bonkers by picking an article I wrote about... Phish.

I don't know if this is the first time Phish gets the attention of the French press. Probably not. They toured France a few times in the late nineties, first by opening for Santana and then later coming back on their own. But I'm almost 100% positive this is the very first time a poker-themed magazine (in any country) devotes four pages to a jam band... And a band that almost no one listens to in France, nontheless. Hey, maybe this will get Phish a few new fans in the French poker world, who knows ? In the last few months, I got some poker players and media people interested in the band by endlessly playing live shows on my laptop in the press area of various poker tournaments in Europe.

The article in itself won't be of any interest to any serious Phan... Just a basic rundown of the band and why I dig their music, and a detailed account of all of the troubles I went trough to reach NYC during the last MSG run, with that blizzard in the North-East of the US and all the cancelled planes that ensued.

Click below to enlarge (note : I didn't pick the illustrations myself) :

My ultimate goal is to publish a long article about Phish in the mainstream French music press. There is so much to write about the music, the people behind, the scene, the spirit, etc. I know it will happen... It would help if Phish finally decides to come back to Europe for a few shows !


BTreotch said…
ha.. that's great !
the joker said…
so...did the term "wook" or "wookies" make it in print in france?
Mat said…
Bien joue Benjo! Je n'en reviens pas moi meme. Cela fit 15 ans que je preche la bonne parole en France mais en vain. Je croise les doigts pour que tu puisse u njour publier un de ces articles dans la presse grand public, histoire d'eclairer la lanterne de quelques francais de plus!

Serait-il possible de m'envoyer un scan de l'article complet, a defaut de pouvoir acheter cette revue (j'habite au Panama)?
Benjo said…
Someone commented about the lameness of the title I chose for the piece, but that comment was then deleted, don't know why.

I'll answer anyway : Yes, I'm aware 'Gone Phishin' isnt a creative title, but keep in mind this article was written in French.

For me, using a cliché English expression in a French article isnt the same thing as using a cliché English expression in an English article.

When I'll be able to come up with something a bit cleverer, I'll let you know !
Benjo said…
Mat : ou puis-je envoyer le scan ?
Benjo said…
Joker : I mentionned the wook culture at lenght in a previous article, but they aren't featured in this one !
Ziggy Stardust said…
Bravo, Benjo. Bravo.

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