Grateful Dead Soundtrack to the NFL Playoffs

I made a snarky comment on Twitter about watching Colts and Ravens football game on mute while listening to a random Dead bootleg from spring 1977. I cannot stand Phil Simms' horrible football commentary, so I muted him and listened to 4/29/77 NYC at the time but got a few @replies with other Dead suggestions. Here's a few Twitter recommendations that I wanted to share and have cued up to listen in the background watching the football playoffs.

4/29/77 The Palladium, New York City - Help-Slip-Frank opener
2/26/77 Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino, CA - Terrapin opener
2/17/88 Kaiser Auditorium, Oakland, CA - Hey Pocky Way opener
8/10/82 University of Iowa - Sick Stagger Lee, tech issues after Roses with Bobby banter, peppy St. of Circumstance


gr8fulmouse said…
Love It! Thanx...

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