Phish MSG NYE Setlist: 12/31/12

Balloon Drop via @change100

The final show of a four-concert holiday run at MSG...

The Phish, MSG NYE, 12/31/12

Set 1: Garden Party, Possum, Roses Are Free, Rift, Sample in a Jar, Alaska, Mike's > Walk Away > Weekapaug, ZERO

Set 2: Birds > Ghost > Piper > Light > 2001, Horse > Silent, YEM

Set 3: Party Time, Kung, Chalkdust > Auld Lang Syne > Tweezer Reprise, Sand, Wedge, Fly Like An Eagle, Wilson, Lawn Boy **

Encore: Driver ***, Iron Man

** a capella
*** with a mulligan
Download the show here via

* * * *
Here's the balloon drop and Tweezer Reprise video (courtesy of LazyLightning55)

Happy new year!


spencer said…
Happy New Year!
thefamilyguy said…
Thanks spence! Happy new year!
Pauly said…
As always, thanks Spencer. Happy 2013!
MeToo said…
donaldosborn said…
Thanks for the link.
Unknown said…
Wook patrol, do you possibly have a hotfile link? I dont know how to convert RAR files to mp3
wook patrol said…
Steve In Denver said…
Thanks for keeping us connected to the action and for all your great posts. Happy 2013!
tomahawkcounty said…
Thanks for the blog and show reviews! I'm going to LivePhish to download all 4 shows now!
Happy No Fear!
Thanks Spence;^)
spencer said…
No worries everyone - Happy New Yr as well!
Thanks again for a wonderful 2012 my linky friends.

Here is coverart I made for NYE, if anyone needs it to complete their collection. I just Photoshopped the 12/30 cover.
Unknown said…
Thanks wook and spencer! :)

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