Monday Morning Key Bumps: Bassline Junkie

Those Brits are fucking weird. Here's Dizzee Rascal and Bassline Junkie. Be careful, this song is ridiculous and catchy especially the line: "I don't need no speed. I don't need no heroin. I don't want no coke. You can keep your ketamine."


Unknown said…
Hey Dude what's with calling us brits weird? In blighty Bassline is massive!!:D check out bomb the b lines, casalocos, niche etc…the best of bassline from northern england…its not like dizzy but that's what he's talking about ! Some call it bassline vocal house it emerged from garage and grime, there's a new take on it called basshouse check it out, ya never know u yanks might like it ::D bassline 4Eva!

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