Nirvana 10/19/91 Tree's Lounge

1991. A very good year. October of 1991, Nirvana played a gig at infamous Tree's Lounge in Dallas, TX. This was smack in the middle of Nirvana blowing up with Smells Like Teen Spirit getting heavy air-time on MTV and every kid in America running out to buy Nevermind on CD.

In case you were wondering... Smells Like Teen Spirit begins around 23:40.

Make sure you don't miss a brawl between a security guard and Kurt Cobain....
43:25 Cobain decided to leap into the crowd

43:27 Crowd catches him and the cluster of fans pushes him toward the stage

43:30 a burly security guard gets kicked by Cobain; the crowd grabs Cobain and the guard grabs him too

43:33 Security guard yanks on Cobains hair

43:35 Cobain decks security guard with his guitar

43:40 Cobain gets dragged back on stage but is on his back

43:41 Cobain springs up

43:42 Security guard clocks Cobain in back of head then kicks him

43:44 Music stops; Two random fans jump on stage and grab the security guard

43:45 Dave Grohl throws his drumstick and jumps into fracas with fans and guard

43:50 While fans successfully pull guard away, bass player Krist Novoselic intervenes as the peacemaker

44:10 Chants of "Bullshit! Bullshit!" from crowd begin


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