Shut Up and Listen to the Music Play

My friend Lori tweeted about this article in Rolling Stone... The 10 Most Annoying Concert Behaviors. It was a good list mainly because I agreed with most of it. Check it out because if you go to a lot of different shows besides Phish, then you've come across at least one of the those behaviors.

The Phish scene got dark at the end of 1.0 and was cast in an eclipse for all of 2.0. When 3.0 began, I was thrilled because mostly everyone grew up and even had children of their own so you had a huge element of mature Phisheads who knew how to throw down hard, but who also had their proverbial shit together.

But now that we're starting year five of the 3.0 era, I can't help but notice how some things will never change... the sad amount people who can't handle their drugs and the loud shithead who won't shut the fuck up at a show.

That's the one thing I never understood. Unless you live in the ghetto, most people are quiet when they are at movies. The audience behaves and respects the filmmaker, actors, and fellow crowd members. I've been to sporting events (tennis and golf) in which there are huge chunks of time when you must remain silent out of respect to the athletes. Yet at concerts, I see terrible displays of rude behavior by excessive talking during the shows.
Phish usually plays around three hours a night. There's 21 other hours that day to discuss whatever you need to discuss. Why wait until the middle of Tube to talk about some hot chick who liked your Facebook update?

And I'm not talking about the back of the lawn where you expect people to not be paying attention. Rather I'm talking in prime locations and general seating. I'm baffled on why people would spend money to get wasted and see a band they don't like enough to talk over it. Thing usually escalate to utter ugliness when the music gets louder and the louder and the drunken asshole or bitch-stick screams to talk over music.

I've written about it enough that I often feel like I'm coming off like a curmudgeon (get off my fucking lawn you barefoot wooks!), but then again I feel as though if more people bring this issue out in the open, then perhaps it will happen a lot less at Phish shows. Clean up the scene by eliminating the chatterheads. And shut the fuck and listen to the music play

Anyway, check out Rolling Stone's The 10 Most Annoying Concert Behaviors.


Unknown said…
I read the article and agree with all of it wholeheartedly.
I was at a Furthur show at Red Rocks a few years ago where a dude would not SHUT THE FUCK UP during Stella Blue. C'mon!! Its Stella Blue! (and John was making that guitar cry!) Most of everyone there had flown out to see the show and here is this douche that wont close his trap, so finally I went up to him and politely asked him to stop talking, he did,(and a few people in out area actually started clapping) but then after the song I noticed a full beer was spilled on my backpack (I dont drink beer) Some people just don't get it I guess :/
Dominc Cilli said…
We could add an entire subsection for jam bands and any show frequented by wooks

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