Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Foxygen: Freaking Out French School Children

I can't figure out Foxygen. I wrote about that internal conflict over at my main blog in a post titled: Foxygen: Subversive Anti-Hipsters or Full-Blown Plasticine PoMo Trash?

This is an interesting video featuring two songs -- In the Darkness and No Destruction -- and it was recorded with just an acoustic guitar as the band wanders the streets of France.

If you're short on time, fast forward to 3:30 for a version of No Destruction. When lead singer Sam France notices a group of French school kids on a field trip has curiously gathered around behind them, he tries to croon to them, but they sort of run away. I'd flee too if I saw a strung-out hipster freak try to sing to me about smoking pot on the subway.

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change100 said...

I can't decide if the lead singer is an actual homosexual or just doing a gayer version of mid-70's Jagger.