Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our "Simple" Contribution to 33 for 33 Project

I was lucky to participate in Lawn Memo's latest 33 for 33 project If you don't know, Lawn Memo created a Daily Ghost Project, which was a thorough investigation (both musical and paranormal) into every version of Ghost. Every single one Phish played. Talk about an ambitious undertaking.

You can find The Daily Ghost here.

Lawn Memo's newest project -- 33 for 33 -- highlights one jam from every show in 2012. Different contributors share their thoughts on their favorite jam from a specific show. They've been going in chronological order and I was assigned 8/18/12 San Francisco, the second night of the San Francisco run and I happened to be at that show so it was a perfect match.

Check out my guest post on Simple from 8/18/12.

The second night of San Francisco was a greatest hits show (check out my recap for Coventry titled Lost in Space). Only 28 songs. Ha! Lots of ripcording from Trey. Only a handful of songs were in excess of 10 minutes (Wolfman's, Melt, Simple and Fluffhead). Both Wolfman's and Melt were in the first set and each contained quality jams. I could have easily written about either, but wanted something more challenging. Hence why I picked Simple. The jam was unexpected and so fucking out there and felt like foreplay before (and eventual) 2001. Melt was your standard "let fuck with all the acidheads" type of frenetic jam and Wolfman's was pure power funk, except they put their own San Francisco foggy spin on it. Essentially, you knew what you were getting into with both of those powerful jamming vehicles, whereas Simple is one of those songs that could get stretched out (like those melted watches in a Salvador Dali painting as I describe in the 33 for 33 column) and has such a wider range that the Simple jam could have gone anywhere. And it did.

Thanks to the gang at Lawn Memo for inviting me to participate in 33 for 33. Check out some of the other amazing entries about the other shows from 2012.

Don't forget to read about your favorite version of Ghost in The Daily Ghost. My favorites both happened in Europe: Prague 98 and Denmark 98. I'm a huge fan of the monster tag-teams from Albany 2009 (Seven Below > Ghost) and Long Beach 2012 (The Beiberlicious Rock & Roll >Ghost).

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